2016-2017 Academic Year

Registration is closing for 2016-2017 Academic Year classes.  Please contact the studio if you have questions on placement.

Children’s Division  (Ages 3-7, ages listed are suggested for new dancers)

Creative Movement I – Age 3 – Monday’s 4:00pm or Tuesday’s 6:00pm

Creative Movement II – Age 4 – Tuesday’s 4:00pm or Thursday’s 6:30pm

Preparatory I
 – Age 5 or 6 (class introduces Ballet & Tap) – Wednesday’s 4:30pm or Thursday’s 5:30pm

Preparatory II – Age 6 or 7 (class introduces Ballet, Tap & Jazz) – Wednesday’s 5:45pm or Thursday’s 4:15pm

Junior Division  Ages 7-12 advancing by placement

Junior Ballet I – Monday’s 4:15pm or Wednesday’s 5:30pm
Junior Tap I – Monday’s 5:00pm
Junior Jazz I – Tuesday’s 5:15pm
Junior Hip Hop I – Tuesday’s 4:30pm or Wednesday’s 6:15pm

Junior Ballet II – Monday’s 5:00pm or Tuesday’s 4:00pm
Junior Tap II – Monday’s 6:00pm
Junior  Jazz II – Monday’s 4:00pm or Tuesday’s 5:00pm
Junior  Hip Hop II –  Monday’s 7:00pm

Junior Recreation –   Thursday’s 4:00pm

Junior  Ballet III – Monday’s 6:00pm
Junior  Tap III – Thursday’s 5:00pm
Junior Jazz III –  Monday’s 5:00pm
Junior Hip Hop III –  Wednesday’s 5:00pm

Senior Division  Ages 11+ advancing by placement

Senior Ballet I – Monday’s 7:00pm
Senior Tap I – Thursday’s 6:00pm
Senior Jazz I – Tuesday’s 7:00pm
Senior Hip Hop I – Thursday’s 7:00pm
Senior Lyrical I – Monday’s 8:00pm

Senior Ballet II – Monday’s 6:00pm
Senior Tap II – Thursday’s 7:00pm
Senior Jazz II – Tuesday’s 6:00pm
Senior Hip Hop II & III – Thursday’s 8:00pm
Senior Lyrical II – Tuesday’s 8:00pm

Senior Ballet III – Monday’s 8:00pm
Senior Tap III – Thursday’s 8:00pm
Senior Jazz III –  Tuesday’s 5:00pm
Senior Lyrical III –  Tuesday’s 8:00pm

Senior Modern – Tuesday’s 7:00pm

Senior Recreation – Thursday’s 5:00pm

Conditioning – Thursday’s 6:00pm
Required for Senior Level II & III in Ballet, Lyrical & Jazz

Senior Pointe (Must Register for Both Days) – Monday’s 7:15pm and Thursday’s 7:15pm

If you’d prefer individual training please consider Private Lessons !







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