Students study a variety of jazz techniques, turns, jumps and leaps while enhancing knowledge of rhythm and increasing musicality. These classes are designed to develop strong performance qualities while improving strength, flexibility and endurance.  Register

 Fall Classes (by placement)

Junior Division ages 7-12

Jazz I – Tuesday’s 5:15pm or Thursday’s 4:00pm
Jazz II – Monday’s 4:00pm or Tuesday’s 5:00pm
Jazz III – Monday’s 5:00pm

Senior Division ages 11+

Jazz I – Tuesday’s 7:00m
Jazz II – Tuesday’s 6:00pm
Jazz III – Tuesday’s 5:00pm

An additional weekly Conditioning class is required with Senior Jazz groups II & III.

Conditioning – Thursday’s 6:00pm



What to Wear

  • Leotard
  • Tights
  • Shorts or Jazz Pants (nothing bulky)
  • Tan Jazz Slippers (lace-up or slip-on)
  • Hair must be pulled back off the face

Jazz Terminology

Ball Change: This is a change of weight between both feet. Change weight and do a stamp-stamp.

Fan Kick: This is a round about kick where the body stays aligned but the leg kicks high in a fan motion starting inward and around or vice versa.

Lay Out: This is the jazz moves of all jazz moves. The layout is a difficult one to master for some. The body must be flexible to kick out and within’ the kick the body will lean into it with the leg still high, and the entire torso will follow it until it’s parallel with the floor and the arms follow behind (or above) it.

Terms and Definitions from dancehelp.com.

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