Modern dance is a style of dance described as an unconventional approach to opposing the strict rules of traditional ballet and theatrical dance.  Leaders of this movement, which began in the 1920’s in America, based their works on personal experience, using their bodies as instruments to express such emotions as passion, fear, joy, or grief. Dancers today use a broader range of techniques, styles, and source materials than ever before.  This class is recommended for dancers interested in expressive movement without the technical mastery required for traditional dance genres.

Modern is available in the Senior Division only.  Dancers should be at least 12 years old to participate and previous experience in any style of dance is preferred.  Register

FALL CLASSES (by placement)

Senior Modern – Tuesday’s 7:00pm

What to Wear

  • Comfortable active wear (nothing bulky)
  • Dance sandal or bare feet
  • Hair pulled back off face
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