These classes teach basic to advanced Pointe work for the experienced Ballet dancer. Students must be currently enrolled in another Ballet class to participate. Any student wishing to enroll in Pointe must first exhibit the required skills and strength necessary to participate and acceptance into the class is by instructor permission only.  If you are new to Inspire please contact us for a placement evaluation.

Pointe I & Pointe II classes are by permission only.  If you would like to schedule an appointment to be evaluated for pointe, please contact the studio.

Pointe Terminology

Pointe Shoes: The satin ballet shoes used by dancers when dancing sur les pointesThe ballet shoes of Marie Taglioni, the first major ballerina to dance on her points, were not blocked but were padded with cotton wool. Later (about 1862) the toes of the ballet slippers were stiffened (blocked) with glue and darned to give the dancer additional support. Today the toes of pointe shoes are reinforced with a box constructed of several layers of strong glue in between layers of material.

Releve: Raised. A raising of the body on the points or demi-pointes, point or demi-pointe. There are two ways to relevé. In the French Schoolrelevé is done with a smooth, continuous rise while the Cecchetti method and the Russian School use a little spring. Relevé may be done in the first, second, fourth or fifth position, en attitude, en arabesquedevantderrièreen tournantpassé en avant, passé en arrière and so on.

Terms and definitions from American Ballet Theatre.

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