Preparatory I & II

These classes combine learning basic technique of both Ballet and Tap for the young dancer and in level II also introduces Jazz dance. This builds strength, vocabulary and technique to prepare the student for success in future dance classes.  The preparatory courses are the perfect option for a young dancer to discover their strength and interest in certain styles of dance.  Register

Fall Classes

Preparatory I – Age 5 or 6 (class introduces Ballet & Tap) – Wednesday’s 4:30pm or Thursday’s 5:30pm

Preparatory II – Age 6 or 7 (class introduces Ballet, Tap & Jazz) – Wednesday’s 5:45pm or Thursday’s 4:15pm

What to Wear?

  • Leotard
  • White tights
  • Pink ballet slippers
  • Black patent tap shoes – students must be able to either tie or fasten their own shoes.  Tie, buckle and elastic closures are available
  • Hair worn in a bun
  • Accessories or fluffy skirts are not allowed

How-To: Learn How to Make a Hair Bun

Most dance classes require that all your hair be pulled back out of your face. In ballet, a simple bun is the traditional style. Have the ladies at the Anaheim Ballet teach you how to create a bun for all hair types.

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