These classes emphasize understanding of rhythm, musical vocabulary and technical terminology while progressively building endurance, strength and agility. The beginning levels learn basic skills and single sound movements and continue into multiple sound movements and more challenging step combinations as levels advance.  Register

FALL CLASSES (by placement)

Junior Division ages 7-12

Tap I – Monday’s 5:00pm or Wednesday’s 4:30pm
Tap II – Monday’s 6:00pm
Tap II – Thursday’s 5:00pm

Senior Division ages 11+

Tap I – Thursday’s 6:00pm
Tap II – Thursday’s 7:00pm
Tap III – Thursday’s 8:00pm

What to Wear

All Tap Levels

  • Leotard
  • Tights
  • Shorts or jazz pants
  • Hair pulled back off face

Level 1-2 Shoes: Black patent tap shoes student can fasten or tie themselves

Level 3-4 Shoes: Full-sole black oxford lace up or slip on

Level 5-6 Shoes: Split sole black oxford lace up or slip on

Tap Terminology

Ball Dig: A forceful striking of the ball of the working foot close to the supporting foot without weight.

Toe Tap: With one foot lifted slightly off the floor, strike the toes of that foot on the floor and re-lift it sharply using the ankle.

Shuffle: A Brush forward followed by a Spank back.

Terms and definitions from Dance Masters of America, Inc. Tap Manual 2008

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